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Connecticut’s mold testing universe may have several options—but ours is the only one that leads in CT Mold Inspection solutions.

Mold Testing: Does your home, business facilities, or specifically your HVAC system require mold testing? We’re here to help in Connecticut.

Mold Remediation and Restoration: Our mold remediation and restoration services can respond even to the most challenging requirements, such as performing mold remediation work on drywall & sheetrock.

Water Damage Restoration: The kind of damage that water can cause in storms, floods, and other disasters is impressive. That’s why we have the best water restoration services to put things back where they were before the disaster occurred.

Sewage Cleanup: Don’t let an unaddressed sewage situation get out of hand. Our sewage cleaning team can help you prevent a troubling situation before it presents itself.

Sump Pump Cleanup: Performing frequent sump pump maintenance helps to keep things in check, clean, and away from issues that could require expensive solutions.

Storm Recovery: We know that storms can wreak havoc on people’s homes and businesses. We’ve seen that happen more times than we can count—but we’ve also always helped our clients to have normality restored with outstanding storm recovery services that can be trusted.

Flood Damage Cleanup: If you have a place that has been through a flood, there’s certainly damage that needs to be repaired—and we’re the right team to help you get that done in Connecticut.

Attic and Basement Mold: Yes, attics and basements have their way to be forgotten, become mausoleums of old stuff you forget about, and perfect ecosystems for mold. Luckily, we have mold remediation techniques that are designed to help you put your attic or basement as it was before mold made an appearance.

Fire Damage Restoration: Fire damage can be fairly dramatic to your walls and other parts of your home or business space. Our team is also specialized in fire damage restoration, so that’s another service you can expect to get from us with the highest quality.

Odor Removal: Typically, bad odors are associated with the presence of mold. Mold-related odors can be removed by our team as well as the actual mold that caused them in the first place. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Crawlspace Encapsulation: Do you think it’s time to completely seal your crawlspace to prevent moisture, mildew, and mold from coming in? We can also do that for you in Connecticut!

Residential Services: When it comes to water, fire, storm, and mold damage, we have a diversified range of services we can offer for your home in Connecticut.

Commercial Restoration: Is your office or shop being invaded by mold? Or has the damage already been done, and now you need an effective solution? In any case, we can get any mold and signs of mold out of your way. Call us for professional mold testing and help!

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Free Mold Education Resources

We’re happy to make these resources available to you at no cost so that you can get information about mold before hiring our services.

Human Health and Mold

Mold Symptoms

Are black spots appearing in certain corners of your home or office? Is there a strange smell around them? Are you experiencing allergic reactions or even asthma? Or are any respiratory issues you normally struggle with getting more serious? These are the typical symptoms of mold.

What Does Mold Smell Like?

CT mold smells just like mold anywhere in the country: musty and very similar to the smell of a closed attic that hasn’t received any air or ventilation in months or years. Luckily, you can rely on our mold odor removal team—we remove mold completely, so the mold odor removal is also achieved by the fact that the problem is resolved from its basis.

How To Get Mold Off Your Carpet

The short answer is that mold removal and mold remediation become very complex when we’re talking about carpets. You may try a DIY method, only to see it failing completely because it wasn’t effective or thorough enough. Why go through that trouble, if you can have mold removed by our CT Mold Removal experts?

How to Test for Mold

We’re the top Connecticut mold testing pros and we can tell you that you should leave that task to professionals. Mold inspections involve many aspects, starting with indoor air quality testing and understanding whether our clients are affected by health issues that can be related to the presence of mold spores. We don’t just test for mold, though. Our mold remediation professional team tests for mold symptoms but is also capable of delivering a full mold removal project from A to Z.

Does Bleach Kill Mold?

As one of the leading mold removal companies in Connecticut, we can say from experience that, for the most part, bleach can’t kill mold. Difficult to reach and porous surfaces can keep mold untouched and resistant to conventional bleach cleaning in your home or office. These mold issues can have dramatic health effects. These are fungi that need to be professionally removed by mold removal experts.

Mold vs. Mildew

Do you need help to get rid of mold? It’s important that you understand what it is first.

What Is Mold

Whenever a client surprised by symptoms of asthma calls for our air quality testing service, 9 times out of 10 our initial assumption is proven correct. Certain areas of the place are moist and allowed to stay like that. Mildew and its yellowish aspect follow, and are still ignored. It’s only when this gives room to black mold that people get scared. So, in a nutshell, that’s the answer: over time, mold can grow from moisture that is unaddressed.

That’s why we urge you to take action if you suspect that there’s mold in your home. Call our mold inspection services. We can send a mold removal expert from our team to identify your mold issues and then recommend the most suitable mold removal services for the job.

Bathroom Mold

We’re often called to service many homes and businesses with mold testing and remediation in Fairfield and Windsor Locks. We always find the same situation: whether it’s a home or business, mold growths are unaddressed until we’re called. That’s when significant mold problems pose themselves. Black mold caused by moisture that turns into mildew, which is allowed to escalate and become a serious mold issue, requires a professional mold removal and remediation intervention.

What Realtors Should Know About Mold

Are you marketing a property with clearly evident basement mold or bathroom mold? Are the crawlspaces affected? Or has there been fire damage unaddressed? Keep reading to understand why that affects the property value and the likelihood of finding buyers for it.

Mold & Property Values

Our home inspectors frequently find mold contamination situations that affect indoor air quality, making homeowners see their property values come down significantly, even more so when there’s meaningful water damage and mold smell. It is true that mold growth can impact the value of your property, which is why you should call for our mold remediation services before the problem gets out of hand.


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The fact that our Connecticut mold removal services are covered by insurance should give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe about hiring us. As CT’s mold removal company leading the way in solutions that eliminate moisture and kill mold, we’re here to help!

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