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What Does Mold Do To The Value Of Your Home?

When most people think about mold they don’t tend to associate it with home value. They tend to think about the nasty side effects. Sure, your health is always more important and that should be your biggest concern, but mold is a real beast. It is not just going to wear on your health, but it is going to bring down the value of your home. Looks are everything when it comes to home value and this is why it is best to act swiftly when dealing with mold.

No one ever wants to have to deal with mold. It is not something that you go to bed at night hoping for. What really makes the situation so bad for most people is their lack of knowledge coupled with mold’s unique characteristic traits. Mold can grow in areas on the home that aren’t commonly tended to like the attic or the crawl space. With the right information, you can prevent the development of mold and the potential loss of home value.

Mold Disclosure Laws

Mold could be a major factor when trying to sell a home. This is even true if the issue has been cleared up. There are some states that will make you disclose the fact that the home was previously infested. Failing to disclose this information could to major fines, so be sure to check with a qualified real estate lawyer ahead of time to find out what your state requires.

The Attics And Crawlspaces

It is probably pretty obvious that the attics and crawlspaces are the most overlooked spots in the home. Not only do both of these spots provide ideal breeding grounds for mold, but they are rarely visited. Even if the spaces are used for storage, you probably still spend little time in them. Mold is oftentimes found in these areas during home inspections.

Understand The Conditions For Mold

Mold simply would not exist without water and moisture. If you have mold in the home then it means that you have a water and moisture problem as well. For instance, if you have a leak behind a wall and it causes mold on the drywall, you can replace that drywall, but the mold will come back. If you want to completely eliminate the problem you will need to repair the leak. This will be the case for all mold growth. The underlying problem will need to be corrected before you can rest easy.

Mold Doesn’t Have To Kill A Deal

There is simply no getting around the fact that mold is going to bring down the value of your home. A home with mold is always going to be perceived as a lower value. There are even times when it will scare away potential buyers altogether. Luckily, the real truth is that most of these situations tend to be blown out of proportion.

Mold is treatable. The right people can safely remove mode and repair whatever needs to be repaired in the process. Mold doesn’t have to mean an end. Yes, a major mold problem would be expensive, but some repairs are reasonable. Plus, you could look at it like you are adding value to the home or remodeling a spot.

If you have to repair a bathroom wall go ahead and give the whole bathroom a new paint job. This will add even more value if you are looking to sell the home. Just remember that you do need to make sure that the underlying issue is rectified or you are just going to end right back up where you were. As Mold Removal Connecticut, we can make sure that your mold problems as put to bed.

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