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We’d like to humbly offer you the opportunity to find out more about us and our services. We are among the major mold companies in the whole state of Connecticut. We strongly feel that we offer the very best mold removal alternatives in Glastonbury CT.. When you have to get rid of mold, we believe that you will serve yourself best by touch us! Our company is locally based and we will always add 100% attempt to get that mold removed for you and your family in a rush. {What sets us apart from our rivals?

You’ll learn from the article below!

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Locally Based – Glastonbury, CT

Before rushing in too intensely, you should be aware that our organization is locally based. We are happy that we have managed to employ local residents of Connecticut. We believe that this makes us a much better service provider and we strongly feel that it provides us the capability to serve the occupants of Connecticut much better. We believe in giving back to the community! When you use us, you can rest assured knowing you are helping a local business and a neighborhood family.

We’re Licensed

Mold removal is somewhat of a risky undertaking. If you’re not careful, you’ll expose yourself to something very, very risky. This is why it is absolutely crucial to be certain that you opt for a firm that will find the work done right on the first effort. The mold needs to be removed so that the risks are minimized. This is why you should think about working with us. It follows that we will take all steps to keep yourself and your family safe.

We will do whatever possible to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the state and federal governments. Our permit is valid and it’s never been put in jeopardy.

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We’ll Protect Everyone

Unfortunately, there are a few mold removal companies in Glastonbury Connecticut that aren’t willing to go the extra mile to protect everyone involved. They’ll leave behind mold or they’ll dispose of the substance in a manner which makes it dangerous for others. That is the reason we recommend that you work with us. We’ll make certain that 100 percent of this mold is expressed from your property. Afterward, we’ll make sure that the material is exposed of in the proper method.

We’ll do everything possible to reduce the risks involved, so nobody needs to be exposed to this harmful mold. If you use us, you can sleep soundly knowing that your difficulty is not likely to become someone else’s.

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We Provide Testing

It can sometimes be difficult to understand whether or not you’re suffering from mold. This material is capable of growing in the most non-conspicuous placed. Mold is effective at growing inside of your walls, on your loft and on your basement. Therefore, you could very well live with mold for many months or years before realizing it. That is why we provide mold testing in Glastonbury CT.. Our company is capable of putting our knowledge, tools and skills to work to effortlessly decide whether or not you’re experiencing a mold issue.

We’ll go over and beyond to diagnose the problem with maximum efficiency. {Then, our mold specialist will provide you with a rundown of your options.

We’re Insured

We know that there’s a risk involved with allowing a stranger to ramble through your property. Just imagine what could possibly go wrong. One of our technicians could take a tumble, which could result in a significant injury. Alternatively, there is an opportunity that your service provider is going to take a wrong step and collapse through your ceiling. The options are virtually endless and this is why it is absolutely important to consider action to defend the customer. {Our company is licensed and insured to protect you and your family.

When you work with us, you can guarantee that you won’t be asked to cover a mistake that was not your fault. Our insurance will expense of their costs of any problems that people accidentally cause.

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Quotes Provided

There’s no doubt that mold removal and testing in Connecticut can be pretty pricey. That is the reason it is pertinent to ensure that you receive the best deal possible. There is nobody that could spend lavishly, therefore it is important to look around and get the very best price. We are eager to help and we wish to accommodate your needs. That is why our firm offers free quotes with no obligation at all. Before agreeing to use us, we’ll be delighted to supply you with a free quote.

Our quotes are binding, so the price can’t be altered in the near future. Suffice to say, the price that you’re provided is that the price you’ll pay following the ceremony has been completed. We do not use hidden fees to inflate our revenue.


Letting a stranger in your house can be dangerous and frightening. You truly never know what’s going to happen and this is why you should ask for references and do your very best to get to know the service supplier beforehand. Our company is here and we are prepared to help in this type of scenario. We’re pleased to supply our clients with reference. We are aware that we are one of the very best mold extraction firms in Connecticut and we all think that we have always done our clients right.

If you want to get to know us better, simply ask for references. We are going to supply you with information regarding our prior clients, so you can contact them on your own. We’re convinced that our prior clients will give us a recommendation that is shining.

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Saving Your Belongings

You should know that mold is capable of lingering in the atmosphere. It could float around and land on pretty much anything, such as your belongings. That is why it is absolutely important to make sure that your items are cleaned! If this doesn’t occur, there’s a risk that your items will have to be thrown in the skip. Do not be concerned, because we are here to help. We offer mold remediation services to attempt to rescue your belongings. Whether you are trying to conserve clothing or electronics, you may rest assured knowing that we’ll most likely be able to help.We’ll do our best to save your belongings, so you don’t need to replace them in the future.

Mold Odor Removal

Since you should already understand, mold leaves behind a strong stench. It smells horrible and this smell can stick around even after the mold has been taken away. This is why you need to choose us as your service provider. We are capable of removing that musty odor within a hurry. We are going to extract the mold and then we’ll clean the air in your home. After we have gone, your house will smell fresh and new once again. Together with us, you can sleep well knowing that each and every particle of this dangerous mold has been removed from your premises!

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We Offer Tips

We’re also pleased to offer suggestions to our clientele. We’ll go to great lengths to provide you with suggestions for preventing another infestation. After everything has completed, we’ll inform you and your family what to do to make your home unfriendly for mold. That helps to ensure that you do not need to meet with us again in the future.

Our Perks

When it comes down to it, Glastonbury Connecticut is home to many amazing businesses. But we think that we do everything a bit better than our competitors. We’re more dependable and efficient than anybody else in the region. Below, you will find out about the perks of choosing us as your mold remediation supplier.
    • Our prices are totally fair and we also offer free estimates
    • We’re happy to offer references
    • We will eliminate this mold in a safe way to make sure it will not become a problem for someone else
    • Our company is licensed by the state of Connecticut and sufficiently insured
    • We provide testing and remediation solutions
    • We are dependable and will always arrive right on time

Call Us: (203) 904-2772

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