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12 Facts About Commercial Water Damage

At home and work, you may encounter a handful of disasters. Just remember that each situation will have unique repercussions. Furthermore, it is vital to concoct a plan to resolve the specific problem that you’re facing. Although other issues are problematic, water damage could be one of the most serious disasters. Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, you cannot ignore the value of your home or business property. It is easily one of your most valuable assets. Mold Removal CT Water damage could quickly destroy your property and its value. You can take specific measures to prevent this from happening. For instance, you can stop pipes from freezing by using electric heat tape. You can also be careful when flushing things down the toilet to avoid sewage blockages. Call our office to learn more about protecting your business from water damage. Below, you’ll discover interesting facts about commercial water damage.

Take Advantage Of Preventative Maintenance

Be sure to take preventative measures to protect your commercial water pipes. Check the connections regularly to spot potential leaks before they occur. Be sure to look at your gutters, drains, and roof as well. In some cases, these items should be properly maintained to reduce the likelihood of future leaks.

Roof Leaks Are Incredibly Common

Unfortunately, commercial roof leaks are very common. It only takes a small leak to create a major problem for any business. Roof leaks tend to be more common in areas that experience freezing temperatures, hail, and high winds.

Minor Leaks Cause Big Problems

You may have a minor leak that you’ve been ignoring. After all, the price increase hasn’t been dramatic and you suspect it isn’t going to get worse. Just remember that it could worsen before you know it. Insurance companies may not pay for any costs linked to conventional wear. Deal with problems promptly no matter how small they may be.

You Can Encounter Several Types Of Water Contamination

You’ll find that there are several types of water contamination. Typically, they’re called gray water, white water, and black water. Each is different so it is important for business owners to learn more about each type. Regardless, water contamination can lead to severe risks that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re worried about water contamination, be sure to hire a professional to deal with it. They’ll keep you safe while cleaning up your business.

Insurance Coverage Isn’t Comprehensive

You must understand that insurance coverage isn’t always comprehensive. Therefore, there is a risk that your insurance coverage may not pay for your water damage. It will depend on the type of water damage you’re dealing with. Before problems occur, learn more about your insurance policy. If necessary, call your agent so you can find out what types of water damage are covered.

A Flood Policy Might Be Needed

Some businesses are located in flood-prone areas while others are not. If your business is more likely to be flooded, you need to make sure that you have a flood insurance policy because a conventional policy might not cover the risks. Again, contact your insurance company so you can speak to an insurance agent. They’ll tell you more about your policy and help you determine whether you need flood insurance.

Don’t Delay Calling Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve encountered flood damage, don’t delay calling your insurance company. It is always best to file a claim right away. Otherwise, you might wait too long and your claim could be denied. By calling your agent, you’ll be able to file a claim. The company will start collecting evidence so they can process your claim.

Work In A Timely Manner

Being timely is vitally important. Waiting too long to deal with water damage can have severe repercussions. First, you have to worry about the water damage worsening and destroying your business. Second, you’ll need to work quickly to stop mold from developing in your business. Finally, you should begin working with your insurance company immediately. Act quickly to prevent the small issue from turning into a bigger problem.

Extracting The Water Is Always The Best Option

Once you’ve found excess water in your business, you must take steps to remove it. While there are other options, the best way to deal with it is by extracting the water. Start by cutting off the water supply to prevent more water from filling the business. Hire a qualified professional to deal with the excess water. Usually, they’ll extract the standing water before dealing with any hidden moisture behind the walls and under the floors.

The Material Matters

Removing water from a building can be tricky because the right method depends on the material. For instance, a unique procedure is required when removing water from carpets. If the professional is trying to remove water from wood flooring, a different process should be followed. Working with a professional is recommended because they will follow the guidelines created by the EPA.

Problems May Persist

Remember that removing the water is only the first step of the process. Even after the water has been extracted, there is a risk that problems will persist. Moisture can remain hidden behind walls and under floors. It can also be stored in the ceiling. Unfortunately, this means that mold may develop in your building. Using a dehumidifier can help extract moisture from the building. If you find mold inside your business, call a mold remediation expert promptly.

Mold Grows Rapidly

Business owners cannot waste time when it comes to dealing with mold. The material tends to show up quickly and spread even faster. It can take up to just 24 hours for mold to develop. Steps must be taken to prevent this from happening. In particular, try to curb humidity in the building to avoid mold development.

Mold Removal CT Is Here To Help

Before you encounter water damage, write down our number so you can be ready. We offer comprehensive mold removal services in your area and offer assistance 24 hours a day. We’ll rush to your business and swiftly deal with the problem. Don’t wait because doing so will only give the problem time to worsen.

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